Fire Restoration

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The duties of a Fire Restoration Company

You have probably heard about restoration companies and wonder what exactly such companies do. Restoration companies tend to be among the first responders after a catastrophe of some sort happens to a person’s home or business. The restoration company takes charge over certain responsibilities like cleaning up the mess in the area, and protecting the property in question so that no further damage comes to it. Most restoration companies will not perform repairs unless they are licensed to do so.

How a restoration company becomes involved

When a major disaster like a fire occurs, the home or business owner will get ahold of his or her insurance company about the situation and the damage. Among the many things that will be discussed during that call is how the insurance company will use a restoration company to help take care of the immediate damage and contamination of the property. You should know that insurance companies are very familiar with restoration companies since they often have to deal with them. Once the call is made to a restoration company, such as Graham restorations, we will rush to your location quickly.

Smoke damage smells horrible

You would certainly not expect smoke damage to smell good at all, but you will probably be surprised at just how bad it smells once you actually experience it. That smell is not just horrible, but it can linger for a long time in a home that was not properly cleaned by a fire restoration company. A lot of people who experience a fire choose to sell their home and move on with their lives, but if that strong and foul smell is still present once they decide to do this, it will be quite difficult to sell the home in question, affecting the home’s value.

About smoke damage

As you might expect, smoke damage results from fires. Anyone who has ever been in a fire knows very well how terrifying that can be. But once firefighters have completely dealt with the flames, a homeowner is left to deal with the damage that those flames caused. Unfortunately, fires can be quite devastating and homeowners who survive a fire will most likely have to deal with a lot of losses such as clothing, furniture, and other valuables that might not even be replaceable. But aside from the lost valuables, you will have to inform your insurance company about after a fire and other problems like smoke damage.

Smoke damage is hazardous

The smoke and soot that are left in a home can be extremely dangerous for the inhabitants, which is why you have to wait for a restoration company to clean your home or building properly after a fire before moving back inside. Soot happens to be quite tiny and can easily get into the lungs, skin, and eyes, putting your loved ones in danger. The complications that soot can cause might include minor things such as a runny nose but can also become severe enough to include respiratory problems, heart condition issues, and a weakened immune system.

Discoloration results from smoke damage

Of course, the worst thing that can happen during a fire is the loss of life, but there are plenty of other things to deal with after a fire. One of the things that homeowners find themselves having to find a solution to after such an incident is the discoloration that the smoke has caused. The smoke, ash, and soot caused by a fire will cause a home’s walls, ceiling, and material such as wood and vinyl to become discolored. Obviously, this will take away from your home’s appeal in various ways. You and your loved ones might not even feel comfortable there anymore.

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