Water Damage Restoration

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Commercial & residential drying

If your commercial or residential property has suffered some type of heavy water damage that requires professional attention and water damage restoration, we can take care of it. Our state of the art Desiccant Dehumidifier can get rid of an impressive 168 lbs. of water per hour.

You have to deal with water damage fast

Water damage can happen to a home or commercial property due to one or more possible factors, such as burst pipes, broken gutters, natural disasters, and more. Water damage can refer to different types of losses that your property. This includes rotting wood, rusting of steel, damage to materials such as plywood, severe foundation damage, and much more. Any water damage that your property suffers may not be readily perceptible. In fact, it may take a while for you to even notice it. But water damage can also be surprisingly sudden and terrible, like due to flooding, because of a heavy storm, or other disasters. No matter how slowly or fast water damage happens to be, you have to take care of it as soon as possible. That means contacting a professional and experienced company that specializes in water damage restoration.

Household appliances

A washing machine is one of the most common appliances that can cause water damage in a residential home due to worn out hoses or other issues. Your water heater can also cause quite a bit of water damage when a pipe happens to burst. You might think that if either of these two things starts to leak water in some way the damage will not be so great since how much water could a washing machine or water heater leak, right? But you would be amazed at the answer to that question and if you find yourself experiencing it, you are going to need help fast!

Getting professional assistance for water damage

Once you realize that your home has or still is suffering water damage, time is of the essence and finding a good water damage restoration company to hire such as Graham Restorations is absolutely essential. The faster that you get professionals over to your home or business to have a look and handle both the water damage itself and the cause, the more money that you will save so it makes sense to get it done as soon as you know about it.

Clogged Gutters

Your home or business’ gutters are a lot more important than you might realize. Your gutters are supposed to drain water away from your home so that it will not cause any damage to your walls or to your foundation once it starts to flow all the way down if it gets the chance. Gutters can become blocked by leaves, branches, and debris; once this happens, water will overflow from those gutters and cause more and more damage the longer it takes you to deal with the issue. Plus, water weighs a lot and can overwhelm your gutters with that weight, causing them to break to one degree or another and letting more water out to do more damage.

Plumbing issues that you cannot see

Some plumbing issues are readily apparent and easy to take care of like when one of your faucets starts leaking. But as any plumber will tell you, a lot of plumbing issues happen with pipes that are hidden behind your walls. Knowing that one of those pipes is leaking can be difficult precisely because they cannot be seen. The very first sign that you might have about this situation is a high water bill. The worst part of this is when you realize that there is no knowing exactly how long one of those hidden pipes has been leaking and how much damage it might have already caused. Getting help from a professional water damage restoration company such as Graham restorations can help.

Underground pipes that leak or burst

If you are one of the many people who have ever had to deal with a leaking or burst pipe, you already know how much water damage can cause to your property and even its foundation. This type of damage is often very expensive to fix. Underground pipes can bust for various reasons, such as the fact that they may be very old and should have already been replaced, temperature changes that cause them to crack, unregulated water pressure, and more.

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